[Tutor] Choice of GUI builders

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Thu Jan 3 16:54:18 CET 2008

Tony Cappellini wrote:

>>> OK, wxPython is a fine toolkt. Just be aware that it does not have a GUI
>>> builder per se, you have to write the GUI as source code or use a
>>> third party GUI builder.

> It's a shame that someone with adequate resources doesn't come up with
> a nice commercial WYSIWIG builder for wx, in the same light as Visual
> Basic, Delphi, or C++ Builder, (but with Python code generation &
> event handler management.)

I'm surprised no one else has chimed in for Dabo yet ;-)
Dabo has a UI designer and it is intended specifically for refugees from 
Visual FoxPro and VB. Dabo is kind of marginal as far as 'adequate 
resources' though; the docs are sorely lacking. Most of the 
documentation is in the screencasts AFAICT. Those who invest the effort 
to figure it out (not me, not yet) seem to like it, though.


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