[Tutor] Tutor Digest, Vol 47, Issue 8

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Thu Jan 3 19:31:43 CET 2008

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Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2008 10:06:01 -0200
From: Tiago Saboga <tiagosaboga at terra.com.br>
Subject: Re: [Tutor] Choice of GUI builders
To: tutor at python.org
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>>But since 2005, according to wikipedia, the Qt Windows is also
>>licensed under the GPL. Am I missing something?
There is a GPL version of QT, I believe it came into being for QT 3.x

>>t's why I finally started using Qt. In fact I do not really like
>>WYSIWYG designers -
There is a free designer for QT/PyQT as well. I started with qt/Pyqt
but have moved to wx since then.

Putting  widgets into sizers is easy with the designers. Not knowing
how to fix your code when the widgets don't appear as you want them is
a problem. I've never seen any docs written to help overcome this for
any framework.

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