[Tutor] Program review

Ricardo Aráoz ricaraoz at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 17:08:15 CET 2008

Jeff Johnson wrote:
> I would like to "butt" in here and mention that this is some of the most 
> useful information I have seen!  I am a programmer of 25 years that is 
> new to Python.  This type of back and forth dialog on actual production 
> code is extremely useful to learning the language.  I have done this 
> with Ed Leafe with Dabo and it has helped a lot.
> Keep it up!
> Jeff

Guys, I really learned with this exercise (and my code was improved). I
got to think how good it would be to have one or two ongoing small
projects where we contribute code and the code is criticized and
enhanced by our community. We could agree on a subject, someone could
volunteer to give it a try (if the subject is big enough then many could
volunteer with different parts of the whole) then post the code so that
it can be viewed and reviewed by the rest. We could learn a lot and we
might end up with some useful pieces of code.
What do you think?


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