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Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Mon Jan 7 16:17:56 CET 2008

"Shumail Siddiqui" <shumail_siddiqui at yahoo.com> wrote

>       I have a question regarding a functions based assignment. The 
> assignment is:
>  For this project, you will write two small Python programs:

OK, Since this is for homework I cannot give you the answers
but I will point out some things you shouild look at and an approach.

>   Investment Thresholds
>      Define a Python function threshold(dailyGains, goal) that 
> behaves as follows.

First define the function and test it using the >>> prompt.

>      Write a small Python program that uses your threshold() 
> function
> to demonstrate that it works correctly. Your program may use a
> pre-defined list of stock gains or it may generate one randomly

Use a predefined list initially, it's easier!
Only once that works try introducing random elements.

>   Word Windows

One problem at a time...

>  This is what I have so far:
>  import random
> dailyGains = int(random.range(6))
> goal = random.choice(range(4)

missing parenthesis, I assume a typo?

> result = []
> def threshold(dailyGains, goal):
>  if goal!= result: 0
>  else:
>    result.reverse()
>    result.remove()

you need to investigate the return statement in functions.

However I don;t understand how you think this will
achieve anything like what the original specification
asked for. You need to use the dailyGains list
somewhere... And why you are checking against
result I don't know.

Can you describe in English what the function should
do and how you would go about it manually using
pen and paper? Can you translate that process to

>  As you can see I am having a great problem.

It looks like the normal learning process to me :-)
Just take your time, solve one bit at a time and
build on your previous work. If you get stuck come
back here and ask specific questions and show
us what you have done.


Alan Gauld
Author of the Learn to Program web site

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