[Tutor] Pyhon Mac/Pc

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Sun Jan 13 23:03:22 CET 2008

Hendrik Verlinden wrote:
> Yes I'm using the files from this link  
> http://relro.net/racer/dofexport.html :) 
> <http://relro.net/racer/dofexport.html>
> Do you now what the problem is with these files on a mac?
> Otherwise how do I have to change the carriage return or line feed?

Looking at the files, they seem to be in a binary format so my guess 
about line endings is probably not correct.

The DOFfile module does seem to take pains to write integers in 
little-endian format but does not do the same for floats. You could try 
adding '<' to the beginning of the format specifiers for floats, for 
example in writeFloat() change 'f' to '<f' and so forth.

Beyond that, I suggest you contact the author of the module for help, 
his email is in the readme.

This list is primarily for helping people who want to learn Python, not 
people having trouble with someone else's Python program, so I am not 
going to dig too far into this.


PS Please use Reply All to keep the discussion on the list.


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