[Tutor] Programming Ideas, need some focus

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Wed Jan 16 15:49:21 CET 2008

Fiyawerx wrote:
> I've been over google for hours now, and I'm sort of at a lull in my 
> learning, as I don't really have a current "goal". I know I could set 
> some easy goal like to learn a specific function or feature, but I still 
> have a hard time with that approach also. I was wondering if anyone 
> knows of any sites where people might request "projects" almost like 
> rentacoder, but for free stuff and/or just for fun. Almost an 'It would 
> be nice if I had a program that did this.. " type of thing to give me 
> some direction. Or does anyone else have any ideas for some types of 
> programs that might actually prove useful to people for beginners to 
> work on?

This is a common question here; you might want to look at some previous 

You might look for a Python project at Google Code or SourceForge that 
interests you and work on that:

If you are in high school you might like to participate in the Google 
Highly Open Participation Contest:

Even if you are not in high school, the list of GHOP Python tasks shows 
you some projects that are actively looking for help:


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