[Tutor] Converting binary file date into a file?

Ole Jensen tjampman at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 22:28:25 CET 2008


I made a small python program at home and tried to send by email attachments
to my studymates.
The attachment however shows up as a strange text

the first lines look like this:

M1F]R<_AG(#(@+2 R(&=E;F5R871O<F5R("T at 1$<R#0H@"5!I"0E08 at D)4"!O
M;&EE<'5M<&4)4"!V86YD<'5M<&4)4"!F<FEK=&EO;@EB97)E9VYE="!08 at T*
M5&EM92 P( DS-C4Q-3 at N-30T-#0T( DS-C(S-C N," ),3(R,BXR,C(R,C(R
M,B ),30V-"XP.#@X...<http://groups.google.com/groups/unlock?msg=c42d7058ff6b0c28&hl=en&_done=/group/gruppe-b1/browse_thread/thread/23a5c2bfae647d8b%3Fhl%3Den>
@X.2 ),3$R+C(S,S,S,S,S,R ),S0Y,3,T+C$W,S at U
M,PT*5&EM92 Q( DS-3 at P.#4N-CDT-#0T( DS-34S-# N," ),3(R,BXR,C(R

I was thinking that it might be the binary representation of my .py files?
(the files were not compresses, just basic .py-files)
If so is there anyways its possible to convert it back into an ordinary text
file? through either Python og Windows?

I ain'tt gonna be back to my own PC for the rest of the weekend so some of
the study work requires me to decode the attachments.

All help highly appriciated
Best regards

Ole Jensen
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