[Tutor] Converting binary file date into a file?

Tiger12506 keridee at jayco.net
Fri Jan 18 22:56:20 CET 2008

Many email clients encode attachments in base-64. I think there are standard 
modules in python which should be able to decode this.

> Hi
> I made a small python program at home and tried to send by email 
> attachments
> to my studymates.
> The attachment however shows up as a strange text
> the first lines look like this:
> M1F]R<_AG(#(@+2 R(&=E;F5R871O<F5R("T at 1$<R#0H@"5!I"0E08 at D)4"!O
> M;&EE<'5M<&4)4"!V86YD<'5M<&4)4"!F<FEK=&EO;@EB97)E9VYE="!08 at T*
> M5&EM92 P( DS-C4Q-3 at N-30T-#0T( DS-C(S-C N," ),3(R,BXR,C(R,C(R
> M,B ),30V-"XP.#@X...<http://groups.google.com/groups/unlock?msg=c42d7058ff6b0c28&hl=en&_done=/group/gruppe-b1/browse_thread/thread/23a5c2bfae647d8b%3Fhl%3Den>
> @X.2 ),3$R+C(S,S,S,S,S,R ),S0Y,3,T+C$W,S at U
> M,PT*5&EM92 Q( DS-3 at P.#4N-CDT-#0T( DS-34S-# N," ),3(R,BXR,C(R
> I was thinking that it might be the binary representation of my .py files?
> (the files were not compresses, just basic .py-files)
> If so is there anyways its possible to convert it back into an ordinary 
> text
> file? through either Python og Windows?
> I ain'tt gonna be back to my own PC for the rest of the weekend so some of
> the study work requires me to decode the attachments.
> All help highly appriciated
> Best regards
> Ole Jensen


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