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I've interviewed people for a project in which we used Perl. Most of us
already on the team hadn't used Perl before that project, but we learned it
pretty quickly, so we knew that that was quite possible. Before the
interview we would have seen their CV, and decided we wanted to speak to
them, so any language specific questions in the interview (or programming
questions generally) would be to check if they really had the level they

Some people said in their letter, I don't know Perl yet but I do know X and
Y, I can program, and I expect to be able to learn Perl. That was fine by
us, we did ask them things about how they'd do things in X and Y, and
general problems of Web programming, how would they go about learning a
language - but we didn't grill them on their Perl.

Then there were those who claimed they were good at Perl. Even though we
weren't specifically looking for great Perl programmers, if they claim to be
great... these very often failed at pretty simple stuff, they really were
just beginners. Not actually worse at Perl than the other candidates, but
they had claimed more.

So, be honest :-) Then it doesn't matter much what they ask, since you have
the level of Python knowledge that you claimed.

Remco Gerlich

On Jan 19, 2008 3:09 AM, Varsha Purohit <varsha.purohit at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello All,
>        I have an interview in python program development. Can i know some
> interview questions in python ? If you know any website where i can refer
> that would be helpful.
> thanks,
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> Varsha Purohit,
> Graduate Student
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