[Tutor] Interview questions in python and wxpython

bob gailer bgailer at alum.rpi.edu
Sat Jan 19 15:40:03 CET 2008

Varsha Purohit wrote:
> Hello All,
>        I have an interview in python program development. Can i know 
> some interview questions in python ? If you know any website where i 
> can refer that would be helpful.
My first engineering job interview went thus:

"We need someone to help us design antennas."

"I know nothing about antennas."

"Here's your desk and books. Start reading. You have 3 weeks to get up 
to speed."

An associate of mine interviewing at MS was given the a"lien railroad 
car" problem to check out his analytical skills and problem solving 
techniques. My version of this problem is:

Two railroad cars drop from space. Parachutes assist them to land at 
random points on a linear railroad track of infinite length. The chutes 
detach and lay next to the track beside the cars.

Each car is equipped with a rudimentary computer that can move the car 
and notice when it is next to a parachute. Both cars have the same 
program. The program starts once the parachute has detached. There is no 
communication between cars.

Each program line begins with an optional label followed by a command. 
Commands are:

Move one car's length left
Move one car's length right
Do nothing
Goto label
If car is next to a parachute Goto label

Each car will respond to move commands, and can tell when it is next to 
a parachute. Moving one car's length takes it out of parachute observing 

Your mission is to write a program that will run (independently of 
course) on both computers. The goal is to get the cars to meet. We don't 
care what happens after that.

Your meta-mission is to propose ideas, state assumptions and ask questions.

I request of any of us who wants to tackle this to not reveal the 
solution for a while so some discussion can take place.

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