[Tutor] Interview questions in python and wxpython

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Sun Jan 20 01:49:12 CET 2008

"Ricardo Aráoz" <ricaraoz at gmail.com> wrote

> Anyway the program is obvious:

Not to me :-)

> label1
> Move one car's length fwd
> If car is next to a parachute Goto label2
> do nothing
> goto label1
> label2
> Move one car's length fwd
> goto label2

Very clever, but in the interests of readability I'd change
the labels and structure slightly:

GoSlow: move right
             do nothing
             if car next to 'chute goto GoFast
             goto GoSlow

GoFast: move right
             goto GoFast

Interesting example, thanks Bob.

Alan G.

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