[Tutor] MySQLdb for Python 2.5? (Debian related) (was: csv.reader: bad argument type)

tetsuo2k6 at web.de tetsuo2k6 at web.de
Wed Jan 23 17:01:28 CET 2008

I decided to install Python2.5 on the server machine to save me the time 
for low-level debugging >;) but it doesn't find the MySQLdb module...

I searched through aptitude - the only thing I find is MySQLdb for Py2.4 
... What's happening here?

I have to say that the client PC (on which my script runs fine with 2.5) 
has Ubuntu installed - can it be that the MySQLdb module is behind in 

Sorry for going off topic - if you guys don't want that here can move 
the problem to the Debian list - but maybe someone here knows about the 
status of the packages...?

- Paul

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