[Tutor] Dos and os.walk with Python

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Fri Jan 25 01:38:13 CET 2008

Hi.    I wrote a python script that goes through a specified directory and returns a list of all the files that haven't been modified since a certain date.  I was hoping to be able to then continue with the program to bring up dos, and zip, then move the files (to my external hard drive). I have Windows XP. I don't know if it's okay to ask about Dos in python mailing list, so I hope it's alright.  Here is my program, I don't know if there are any formatting rules for posting programs, so I hope this will sufice.import os, sys, timedef earlierThan (path, year, exclude=[]):    all = []    walk = os.walk(path)    for root, dirs, files in walk:        for i in files:            try:                if (time.localtime(os.path.getmtime(root + "\\" + i))[0] < year                and doesNotHave(exclude, root)) :                    all.append(root + "\\" + i)            except OSError:  #I think that I might need a more specific error message, as this one would handle something
                                   #That's not necessarily a broken file name. (I got one of them when I ran it).                print root + "\\" + i + " was not included in the list"    return all
def doesNotHave(exclude, root):    for x in exclude:        if root.startswith(x) > -1:            return False    return TrueI've had little experience with dos.  I believe I should use the COMPACT, and then the MOVE dos command... Would it go something like this?g = earlierThan("G:\My Documents", 2007, ["Music"])for x in g:
     os.system("COMPACT /F " + x)
     os.sytem("MOVE " + x + " " + "H:\Backup")Thanks
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