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Tiger12506 keridee at jayco.net
Fri Jan 25 04:10:25 CET 2008

>i have been fooling around in python a bit and looked at a couple of 
>tutorials, but something i >wonder about: is it posible to make python make 
>an output in a windows "tekstbox" for >instance to make several adjustments 
>to my network settings at once, by running a python >program
>and if it is, how?

Python is powerful. Mostly likely python can do anything you dream up.

"tekstbox" must mean "textbox" which in Windows is called an Edit control.
Since I assume you mean to put text in a control that is already open before 
you run your program, the answer is yes it is possible. Easier is the next 

Several adjustments to your network settings... The best way to do this to 
find the registry entries that those network settings actually change and 
change them directly in python. How do you find those registry settings? 
Google. How do you change them? Look at _winreg module. 

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