[Tutor] What web framework?

Ben Bartrum bba at inbox.com
Tue Jan 29 16:39:08 CET 2008

Yes, CherryPy is an excellent, and uniquely straightforward tool for writing a database-driven web application.  I'd start looking into things like Django for larger sites where you also want templating, and client-side interactivity through JavaScript etc.
In my simple CherryPy apps, I use Python's own (%) string substitution instead of a templating language, so a simple CherryPy app can consist of pure Python code, SQL queries and nothing else needed.  


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> "Terry Carroll" <carroll at tjc.com> wrote
>> But querying's different.  I'd initially planed on making this a
>> wxPython
>> application, but I think it might be simpler to have it as a web
>> app, even
>> though I'll be the only user, and the db will be resident on the
>> same
>> program I'm querying from.
>> This calls for using a web framework,
> Not really, a simple CGI app would be suffficient.
> A framework is really only needed where you have lots of pages
> all with the same look n feel and lots of interaction between them.
> If all you need is a query screen and a results screen then basic
> CGI should be more than adequate.
> If you really want more then look at basic CherryPy rather than
> TurboGears/Django. It takes the CGI pains away while keeping
> the code simple and direct.
> TurboGears and Django are both excellent but the learning curve
> for a simple app is more than the gain IMHO. OTOH If you want
> to build knowledge for the future then pick one and go with it.
> It doesn't much matter which they all use the same principles
> its only syntax differences really.
> IMHO at least,
> Alan G.
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