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You need to add the folder containing this module to your PYTHONPATH.

To do this, go to you interpreter and type:
>>> import sys
>>> sys.path.append("C:\Python25\ExampleFolder") 
That path was just an example, insert your own path leading to the desired folder there.

Python imports it's modules from specific folders on your hard-drive.
These folders where Python looks in are contained in a list. sys.path is actually a the list containing those path names. Appending new path names to sys.path makes python look in those locations too when importing modules.

Hope this helped you understand.


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I am studying "thinking like a computer scientist using Python".
chapter 4 importing turtleworld is kind of a hitch 4 me .I downloaded the
swampy module and when importing, the interpreter gives am error saying this
module does not exist what do i do? i saved the swampy folder in the Python
folder in drive C . Thanks
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