[Tutor] New to python(g)=python" g=(embarrassing)

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I want to thank you all for your patience, suggestions, constructive  criticism, and idea  builders!
I now have good thoughts to start, i will now try some of the suggested tutorials and activities.
For me before the sugestions the turorials were like reading the sentence "the tree is tall and black" without knowing what tree, tall, and black are or why i needed to know that. 
Now i have a goal in mind something i think will be neat to work for. Hopefully now i will be able to pick up the concepts.

No programming background, working on my math along with my degree. imberising 

Thanks everyone

(i don't know if I'm supposed to say thank you as that might get redundant)

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you can start with stuff you need like,  for example write a program that scans your hard disk & tells you the details about pdf, jpg, zip, avi files that you have, with creation date and sizes.
when you need help write us.

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