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Thu Jul 17 15:13:49 CEST 2008

hi all,
i am new to programming, i just started writing scripts in python about
functions.There is a program by name hangman where in i take input three
characters and then concatenate the resultant output is compared to a three
letter string, if it is similar it will display the word as correct if not i
want to execute the same function which evokes to prompt for three
characters as input. The problem is i am not getting a runtime error.
below is the piece of code:
#word Hangman
print "Welcome to the Hangman"
a = raw_input("enter 1st letter=")
b = raw_input("enter 2nd letter=")
c = raw_input("enter 3rd letter=")
def cmp():
    d = (a+b+c);
    if (d=='PAN'):
        print "word" 'd' "is correct"
        print "Try Again"
def CALL():

Raghavendra Vanam
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