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Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Tue Jul 22 00:54:48 CEST 2008

"Ruivaldo Neto" <ruivaldo at gmail.com> wrote

> I have a Python app that runs as a Windows Service. Inside this
> application, there is a Thread that starts a webservice.
> When this webservice is called, this thread displays a simple 
> Tkinter
> window with some entry´s for input.

Thats usually a very bad idea. Presenting services  with GUIs
can lead to lockups and other bad things under Windows so
you should only do it if absolutely essential. Are you sure there
is no other way to run your app? Maybe with the GUI part as
a separate program that communicates with the service?

> But the mainloop simple stays running without presenting
> any popup or error. The app is running as SYSTEM on
> Windows. As other user, the code works great.

I think the requirements of a service mean there are some
extra flags that need to be set. MSDN is probably your best
bet for info. It will also explain why services and GUIs don't
usually mix.

> Any advice to make this work ?

Don't do it. Find another way.

Alan G. 

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