[Tutor] Online class/education for Python?

Danyelle Gragsone ladynikon at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 13:30:14 CEST 2008

> You should be able to use the 1st edition of PPftAB to learn Python.
> Pre-2.2 might have caused some minor problems, but 2.2 is okay.
> If you run into any problems, just post your problem code to the list,
> with your platform info (GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, MS-Windows...) and
> the version of Python you are using.
> One thing I found that might be useful to you when you get close to
> the end of the book: the version of LiveWires Dawson uses has been
> customized, and needs to be installed for the Pizza Panic game, and
> the Asteroid games to work properly. I already had LiveWires installed,
> and didn't think I needed to re-install his version. However, I couldn't
> get those games to work until I installed the version of LiveWires that
> he includes on the CD in the back of the book.
> Hopefully helpful?
Yes very much so!.  I will keep that in mind when i get to the end.
*hopefully* I get to the end.  I am  also going for my A+  so my schedule
with work and my volunteering  at the fire house is tight!

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