[Tutor] newbie graphing question

Pierre Dagenais pierre.dagenais at ncf.ca
Mon Jul 28 04:20:46 CEST 2008

Peter Petto wrote:
> I'm about to try some Python programming for drawing simple geometric 
> pictures (for math classes I teach) and was hoping to get some advice 
> that will send me off in the best direction.
> I want to write programs that can draw figures with commands akin to 
> point(x,y) to draw a point at coordinates (x,y), or segment (x1,y1,x2, 
> y2) to draw a segment between points (x1, y1) and (x2, y2)?
> I'd appreciate recommendations as to the best facility or library to use 
> to this end. I primarily use a Mac, but my students primarily use Windows.
> I'd love to hear any and all pointers or comments. Thanks!
Hi Peter,
I'm just trying to do the same, draw points and lines without having to 
spend the next six months learning a GUI environment and then finding 
I've been learning the wrong one all this time. Then I stumbled on these 
pages at py4fun, it's a quick and dirty introduction to the basics of 
Tkinter, just a few commands and you're in business. Hope that is what 
you're looking for,
> http://ibiblio.org/obp/py4fun/gui/tkPhone.html
> http://ibiblio.org/obp/py4fun/wave/wave.html

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