[Tutor] How to run a Python program under Windows.

bob gailer bgailer at gmail.com
Wed Jul 30 15:31:23 CEST 2008

Morgan Thorpe wrote:
> Hey Again.
> Okay i don't think my sad explantion did help at all.
> Would you be able to explain step by step what i need to do to run the simplest of simple program's everyone else has asked about where it is and what not. According to them i have everything where it needs to be.

You have had a response from me and from Alan Gauld.

We have both offered advice and asked questions.

We can't do anything more for you until you try our advice and let us 
know where or how it is not helping, and answer our questions.

We realty want to help, and we need your cooperation to help effectively.

> I like to think i'm reasonable at most computer things or anything to do with them i've built 3 working computers and i'm working on another with a friend and still this stumps me.

Skill with hardware has little to do with software skills.
> Of the 4 or 5 replies i think that you would be most help.

We all can help.

AND PLEASE as I asked, reply to the list not just me.

Bob Gailer
919-636-4239 Chapel Hill, NC

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