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> Subject: [Tutor] env variable
> have a question about setting up an env. variable.
> i own a macbook pro laptop running mac os x 10.5.2.
> i downloaded MacPython 2.5.
> my problem is that when i go to run a script which i have saved in my home directory in a folder which i called python, my IDLE does not recognize the script which i am trying to import, here is a sample session in my IDLE:
>>>> import script1
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "

I found this solution at www.keitr.com/tutorials/macosx_path

Adding directories to the Mac OS X PATH variable
by Keito Uchiyama

This tutorial shows you how to add directories to your Mac OS X PATH variable.

Open the Terminal application. It can be found in the Utilities directory inside the Applications directory.
Type the following: echo 'export PATH=YOURPATHHERE:$PATH'>> ~/.profile, replacing "YOURPATHHERE" with the name of the directory you want to add. Make certain that you use ">>" instead of one ">".
Hit Enter.
Close the Terminal and reopen. Your new Terminal session should now use the new PATH.

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