[Tutor] Grabbing data from changing website

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I've recently been writing a web app with libxml2dom (  http://www.boddie.org.uk/python/libxml2dom.html 
  ).  I had a look at BeautifulSoup and found the two very similar.  I  
ended up sticking with libxml2dom because of a quote from its  
website...... "Performance is fairly respectable since libxml2dom  
makes direct use of libxml2mod - the low-level wrapping of libxml2 for  
Python.".....  I figured the app might parse through a little faster.   
I guess the only way to tell is to benchmark the two against  
eachother.  Does anyone have input on defining differences?  Reasons  
to use one over the other?  Opinions welcome.
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> >>urllib2 will grab the HTML. BeautifulSoup will parse it and allow
> >>fairly easy access. My writeup on each:
> I'll second Kent's vote for BeautifulSoup.
> I had never done any web programming, but using BS I quickly wrote a  
> small program that downloads an image from a site.
> The image changes daily, and the filename & directory are obviously  
> unique. BS made it very easy.
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