[Tutor] TurtleWorld Windows issue

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Sat Jun 7 01:22:53 CEST 2008

<odispam at sonic.net> wrote

> machine (so another OS is not an option).  I can't get TurtleWorld 
> to run
> as described in the book
> (http://www.greenteapress.com/thinkpython/html/book005.html).

I know nothing of TurtleWorld but...

>>>> from TurtleWorld import *
>>>> TurtleWorld()
> <TurtleWorld.TurtleWorld instance at 0x00C4C968>
> No new window appears, or if it appears, it closes nearly 
> instantaneously.

Thats what I'd expect...

>>>> bob = Turtle()

> A new but empty window appears, titled "TurtleWorld (Not 
> Responding)"

Thats also what I'd expect since you have created a turtle but not
drawn anything yet.

Check the methjods, you may need to make the turtle visible,
put the pen down, and move it around a bit.

If pen down is default(it usually is) try doing


Does that do anything?

Presumably thre are some drawing examples in the book...

Alan G

> Opening and running the TurtleWorld module through the Idle GUI menu
> produces a functioning TurtleWorld window, but this is not useful 
> for the
> purposes of the exercises.
> This is probably more of an Idle/Windows issue than a python issue, 
> but I
> won't be able to get through Think Python unless I resolve it. Does 
> anyone
> have an answer?
> Thanks!
> Oliver
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