[Tutor] Writing a script to interact with an interactive command program

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Tue Jun 10 00:19:06 CEST 2008


I am trying to write an interactive shell that will pipe input from one
source to a shell/program, and then return the input to that source.  I have
been trying to do this with the os.popen*, and I have not had any success in
getting this to work.  Here is a basic piece of the code that demonstrates
what I am trying to do:

# based on code from:
# start a bash shell
(cin, cout_cerror) = os.popen4("/bin/bash")

# write a command on the input pipe of the shell
print "writing ls -all!\n\n"
cin.write("ls -all")

# print the results of my command
print cout_cerror.read()

Is there something I should be doing differently to get this behavior.
Thanks in advance.
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