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max baseman dos.fool at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 06:42:44 CEST 2008

hello and thank you everyone for your help.
I apologize for my ignorance when it came to knowledge of what the  
powerball is  it is not as wide spread as i had thought it was

the powerball is a form of lottery their are 5 numbers between 1 and  
55, and then their is the powerball between 1 and 42 players win  
different amounts of money depending on how many numbers they had  
right the program i wrote uses the number 146107962  as the amount of  
tickets in play i found this number on the powerball stat as the  
probability of getting jackpot 1 / 146107962 included is the finished  
and working script if anyone would like to use or play with it.

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seeing as i have left the python mailing list in the past any  
comments or ideas would be appreciated if sent to this email - thank  

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