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[static methods, class methods]

> Both of these are rarely used; I don't think I have ever written a
> class method in live code. I have used staticmethods as a convenient
> way to put a function into a class namespace.

this is someone out of the flow of the current thread now, but i
forgot to mention in my previous post that, like kent, i too, have not
used either of these much in practice on the past 11yrs of full-time
Python development.

class methods: the only time i've ever done a class method is when
subclassing an immutable type, i.e., __new__() is a cls method, but
that was for the book. i've never done one in practice.

static methods: may have done 1 or 2 since they came out in 2.2, but
in reality, if general code, they stay as global functions. if i
really "want a function defined in a class definition, i may make one.
but in practice, i often find that the functions that are most
suitable as static methods end up being just *inner* functions defined
inside a (regular) method.

just my $0.02,
-- wesley
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