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Hilton Garcia Fernandes hgfernan at lsi.usp.br
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Hi, Gabriela! 

that interesting dashboard can be done. At least you can divide your main 
window into several subwindows and do what you what you want. Each subwindows 
would have a dropdownlist to redefine another sub-subwindow inside of it.

Tabs are also available in several windowing toolkits for Python.

In wxPython you can have a panel and put your subwindows inside of it:


Another alternative is pyGTK.

All the best,

Em Quarta 11 Junho 2008 10:03, Gabriela Soares escreveu:
> Greetings,
> I want to make a dynamic dashboard, something like:
> http://examples.adobe.com/flex3/labs/dashboard/main.html#
> but using python. Is it possible ?
> Thanks in advance.
> Best regards,
> Gabriela Soares.
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> Gabriela Soares
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