[Tutor] Tkinter problem

Arden Hall arhall1 at comcast.net
Tue Jun 17 06:57:55 CEST 2008

A followup on the message below.  The source code has errors in it 
because I keyed it in rather than copying and pasting, as pointed out by 
Alan Gauld.  Joe replied with corrected code and said it worked for 
him.  I took his code and ran it on the Mac and had the same problem as 
before:  everything but the background color worked.  I then installed 
Python on a Windows PC and tried the same code:  with the PC, the 
background color works.  So the problem seems to be bug in Tkinter for 
the Mac.  Thanks Alan and Joe for your help.

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>From: Arden Hall <arhall1 at comcast.net>
>Subject: [Tutor] Tkinter problem
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>I'm trying to learn to use Tkinter from "Thinking in Tkinter" and don't 
>seem to be able to get the examples to work the way they are supposed 
>to.  I have the latest version of Python on a Macbook.  Here's an 
>example of the kind of problem I run into:
>The source code is:
>    from Tkinter import *
>    root = Tk()
>    myContainer1 = Frame(root)
>    myContainer.pack()
>    button1 = Button(myContainer1)
>    button1["text"} = "Hello, World!"
>    button1[background"] = "green"
>    button1.pack
>    root.mainloop()
>I can execute this, but the button isn't green (or any other color I 
>try) although it turns blue when I click the mouse on it.  .  Similarly, 
>I've tried to  write a  bit of code to create a canvas object and put a 
>rectangle in it, but I can't dimension the canvas, change its color,  or 
>get the rectangle to appear.  Any advice or suggestion where to look for 
>documentation would be greatly appreciated.

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