[Tutor] Python to exe--how much work?

Keith Suda-Cederquist kdsudac at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 24 21:03:03 CEST 2008

Hi All,

Question: How hard is it to convert python code to an exe?

Details: I've written some test software in python for my company.  We'd like to be able to distribute the software without having to install python on the instrument computer.

The software itself is several hundred lines of code, that imports and uses several modules: SciPy, NumPy, PIL (python imaging library) and matplotlib.  My background is in ME, so I'm far from an expert at coding and I'd still consider myself a begginer when it comes to Python.  My code is still a little cumbersome (due to my past experience in Matlab) and is far from pythonic.  

I've had some success generating .exe files using pyinstaller for a few simple python programs i've written (less than 100 lines of code, that just use the os module).  How much harder will this be for longer code with more modules imported?

In general I think we have a few options:
1)  If it's easy I can do it myself.  I'm just worried that including the modules will make things messy/impossible.
2)  If it's too hard for me, but easy for an expert.  We could probably hire a consultant to package.
3)  If it's too hard for anybody (unlikely).  We could have someone in-house port the code to C or VB.

Any other general advice would be appreciated.


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