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This was crazy.  The presenter at our Python user group last night left 
everything at home.  So he proceeded to borrow someone's laptop, 
download and install Python and web.py (http://webpy.org/) and we all 
went through building the demo which displayed records in an SQLite 
table and allowed you to add one and redisplay.  I have used Django and 
web.py works pretty much the same way using templates and all, but 
web.py is significantly "lighter".

You might want to install web.py and go through the demo.  Put it in a 
folder called "deleteme" and you can just delete the folder if you're 
not interested.

Alan Gauld wrote:
> "Patrick" <optomatic at rogers.com> wrote
>> cherrypy, django and turbogears but for some reason I just don't want 
>> to use a framework. Are there any current books you could recommend 
>> for general python web programming? Most of the general web 
>> programming books seem to be from 2004 or before.
> There's a good reason for that! Vanilla CGI - the most basic web
> programming mechanism available is a rsource hog, non scaleable
> and very hard to maintain beyiond small trivial projects. So people
> have moved to Frameworks which offer better performance,
> easier implementation and far better maintainablility. All Frameworks
> aim to achieve that, the choice is pretty much a personal prefernce.
> The good news is that if you want to continuously reinvent the wheel
> by using vanilla CGI the books from 2004 will all pretty much still work.
> CGI hasn't changed much and neither have the core web modules in
> Python.
> HTH,


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