[Tutor] Translate this VB.NET code into Python for me?

Dick Moores rdm at rcblue.com
Tue Mar 4 14:05:48 CET 2008

I thought I'd dip into .NET by downloading the free Microsoft Visual 
Basic 2005 Express Edition, and start working through _Beginning 
Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition_, by Peter Wright (Apress).

By the second chapter I've begun to suspect that GUIs aside, Python 
is a lot simpler to write. Could someone prove that to me by 
translating the code I've pasted at 
<http://py77.python.pastebin.com/f24d74b17> (from pp. 51-54 of the 
book), which prints

Butch barks
Mac yips
Butch snarls at you in a menacing fashion.
Mac licks you all over, then drools on you.

in the console?

I'd sure appreciate it, and it might be another bit of good PR for 
Python. Please use classes in your translation.


Dick Moores

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