[Tutor] hello can you help me solve this problem

Christopher Marlett cmarlett at luc.edu
Wed Mar 5 23:15:46 CET 2008

This may be a very broad question but whatever help you could give me would be great.

Exercise * Make a program scene.py creating a scene with the graphics methods. You are likely to need to adjust the positions of objects by trial and error until you get the positions you want. Make sure you have graphics.py in the same directory as your program.

Exercise * Elaborate your scene program so it becomes changeScene.py, and changes one or more times when you click the mouse (and use win.getMouse()). You may use the position of the mouse click to affect the result, or it may just indicate you are ready to go on to the next view. 

Also, I don't quite understand how this works. Do you e mail me with your response or is there a website I need to visit to see my question and your response posted?

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