[Tutor] Const on Python

Tiago Katcipis katcipis at inf.ufsc.br
Thu Mar 6 01:07:49 CET 2008

Its a simple question but i have found some trouble to find a good 
answer to it, maybe i just dont searched enough but it wont cost 
anything to ask here, and it will not cost to much to answer :-). I have 
started do develop on python and i really liked it, but im still 
learning. Im used to develop on c++ and java and i wanted to know if 
there is any way to create a final or const member, a member that after 
assigned cant be reassigned. Thanks to anyone who tries to help me and 
sorry to bother with a so silly question. i hope someday i can be able 
to help :-)

best regards


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