[Tutor] hello can you help me solve this problem

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Thu Mar 6 01:13:06 CET 2008

"Christopher Marlett" <cmarlett at luc.edu> wrote

> Exercise * Make a program scene.py creating a scene
> with the graphics methods. You are likely to need to adjust the
> positions of objects by trial and error until you get the positions
> you want. Make sure you have graphics.py in the same directory
> as your program.

Is this by any chance from the LiveWires tutorial?
If so they tend to use a lot of mod8ules that are specific
to their course so only folks with LiveWires experience
are likely to be able to help.

You need to give us some context as to where these come from
and where the graphics.py mentioned is found. Its not part of
the standard Python library.

Also it woyuld be good to tell us what part of the problem you
don't understand! The more specific the question the greater
the chance of an effective answer.

> Also, I don't quite understand how this works. Do you
> email me with your response or is there a website
> I need to visit to see my question and your response posted?

You mail themailing list and the server forwards it to everyone
on the list. We "Reply All" and the list server will forward the
reply to you and the list.

There are at least 3 web sites where you can read the messages
too, but a mail client is usually more powerful and faster.

Finally gmane do a news (nntp) feed that you can subscribe to
and receivecon your favoured news reader. In my view the best
of both worlds! :-)


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