[Tutor] Creating a Python module to drive a robot

Shrutarshi Basu technorapture at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 22:52:53 CET 2008

Hi all,
I'd like to create a library of functions that would allow writing
Python scripts that would control a Hemisson robots via a serial
interface. I'll be using the pyserial module heavily, but I'm
wondering what would be the best way to approach this . Should I
create a "Robot" class and define everything as functions of the
class, such as a function for setting wheel speed, turning, reading
from sensors etc. Or is there some other way that would be easier for
a user? The project is meant for students who would be using
programming the robot as an Intro to programming, so it would be best
if users don't need to understand the details of OOP (or similar
concepts) to use the code quickly and reliably.

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