[Tutor] Automating the windows GUI for testing purposes

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Sat Mar 8 00:37:10 CET 2008

<lauren at protopc.com> wrote

> I've looked into using pywinauto and also WATSUP. Both are possible
> libraries I could use...but they lack the documentation I was hoping 
> to
> hook into.
> Has anyone on this list done this sucessfully before? What 
> tools/libraries
> did you use?

I haven't done it from Python but I have done similar things from
Delphi using the Win32 API call postmessage() to send Windows
events to another application (the one under test). Much more
tricky is extracting the data changes from the target app. Its
OK if you know the Windows handle of the widgets but otherwise
its a painful process of using WinSpy to monitor events in the app
and deduce the handles required...

If you can find a module that helps do any of that then I'd try it.
Maybe use the >>> prompt to send a few test messages and
monitor results using something relatively simple like Notepad...

Alan G 

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