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"Julia" <midnightjulia at gmail.com> wrote

> When I was a complete beginner I preferred Beginning Python over 
> Dawson and
> I still do (I'm still a beginner). But that might just me be me :)

Book (and tutorial) choices are very subjective.
I know the styles of book I like and dislike.
I hate "chatty, informal" style text books, I like precision.
I hate books that try to teach by example, I prefer direct instruction
followed by short pointed examples - I can invent long examples by

But I know plenty people who prefer the exact opposite.
My own book follows my taste, which is almost exactly opposite
to Dawson's. Each will suit a different audience.

But contrarily I should like the Dietel's "How to Program" and
don't and I should dislike Lutz' Programming Python but don't! :-)

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