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> 2008/3/9 Emad Nawfal <emadnawfal at gmail.com>:
> > Thank you so much Kent. It works. I have now realized the bad things
> > about self-learning.
> >
> There are bad things?  Nobody told me...
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Well, there are times when you need somebody to tell you something, even if
it is so obvious. When I wanted to learn Unix, I got a book and started
reading. What drove me crazy is that  some commands have -1, but those never
worked for me. It was only when a friend told me that it is -l (minus EL)
not -1 (minus one) that things went right. You see, sometimes self-learning
is not enough. (I have to say that I have a problem in my vision. This could
be a key factor). Different people learn in different ways.

لا أعرف مظلوما تواطأ الناس علي هضمه ولا زهدوا في إنصافه كالحقيقة.....محمد
"No victim has ever been more repressed and alienated than the truth"

Emad Soliman Nawfal
Indiana University, Bloomington
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