[Tutor] my first project: a multiplication trainer

tiger12506 keridee at jayco.net
Mon Mar 17 17:50:40 CET 2008

> choice() returns a random element from the list of choices, not its index.
> One could call pop() instead of del, but del is probably a little faster, 
> and
> doesn't return a value that we wouldn't use anyway.  pop() wouldn't give 
> us a
> random element, unless passed a random argument, such as
> pop(choice(range(len(choices)))), but that would be very cumbersome.

I like the shuffle idea.

n = [1,2,5,1,2,34,2,4,7,3,3,45,1,76,8]
proxy = random.shuffle(xrange(len(n)))
for idx in proxy:

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