[Tutor] python, wxpython and postgresql

Bill Mais bmais at maisco.com
Tue Mar 18 00:31:28 CET 2008

Hey, I thought programming was all about the shortcuts ;-)

I'm sorry to not be clear.  I've done several excellent python + 
postgresql tutorials, but the one I have not found is wxPython + 
postgresql (or any database).

Specifically, how would you take your sql results and set the values of 
your wxTextCtrls and wxListCtrls?  For example if the sql select 
statement returns 20 fields the function would find the wxPython 
controls with the same name and set their values.

And how would you build a sql statement with only the wxPython controls 
that have been modified by the user?  So if only the address field was 
modified the sql would be: UPDATE table1 SET address = '123 Easy Street' 
WHERE rec_id = 1

Thanks again,

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