[Tutor] Python learning curve

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Tue Mar 18 22:02:10 CET 2008

TFIA Consulting, Inc. wrote:
> Hi.  I am doing some work for a company that uses Python for their 
> application.
> I have never used Python before, but I have programmed for over 35 
> years, maybe 12 languages including 4 assembly level. 
> Your site says it should take just a "few days" to learn Python, so I 
> told these folks to give me 12 days in case I was stupider than average.
> My question is :  Who is right?  A 'few days', or going thru the docs 
> below? (which seems a *bit* more complex than that).

The docs you quote have little to do with learning Python the language. 
They are instructions for *building* an application that "makes heavy 
use of Python extensions" and which, apparently, is a bit tricky to 
build correctly under Windows.

> Is this *REALLY* a "few days" task to learn? 

Maybe. I wouldn't count on it.

> Would *you* agree to 
> guarantee coming up to speed in a few days @ no charge?

I might agree to spend a few days learning the *language* at no charge. 
I don't think I would agree to learn how to build their application at 
no charge.

What if it was a language you know, perhaps C, and they wanted you to 
figure out how to build it on your own time? Doesn't seem reasonable to me.

> Here is their documentation on compiling :

 From here:


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