[Tutor] c++::return

Eric Walstad eric at ericwalstad.com
Tue Mar 18 23:45:28 CET 2008

elis aeris wrote:
> I seriously have done my homework on writing in python
I wonder if I am misunderstanding your question.  This is a simple 
question about how functions work in Python, right?  Something that most 
every beginning tutorial covers?  You wouldn't be asking here if you had 
done your homework.

> below is a 29 kb 
> .py file that I wrote to do something, although you may not care what it 
> does
Wow, that's one long function!  It looks like either you don't 
understand what you wrote:
     consective_zero = 0
     ## I don't know what this is
or maybe someone else has commented your code?

> please just tell me in plain words:  how do I break function?
And seriously, you'll likely get better answers, faster, when you ask 
better questions.  It's faster, more efficient and more rewarding.  A 
smart question also shows us that you will value the time we spend on 
the answer.  Taking the time to formulate a smart question will often 
help you answer the question on your own.  Actually you did find the 
answer on your own (assuming I understand the question and that you 
wrote the function yourself): 'return'.

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