[Tutor] Calling super classs __init__?

Allen Fowler allen.fowler at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 19 04:55:55 CET 2008

> > class MySubClass(MySuperClass):
> > 
> >     def __init__(self, just_a_sub_option):  # what about other args? **args?
> I think I would go ahead and list the superclass parameters and put the 
> new one at the end:
>      def __init__(self, opt_1, opt_2, opt_3, opt_n, just_a_sub_option):
> >         MySuperClass.__init__()                    # Should this be first?  
> What args to use? **args?
>         MySuperClass.__init__(self, opt_1, opt_2, opt_3, opt_n)
> John's method will also work but I prefer to add the new parameter at 
> the end of the argument list.

(Hmm.. I should have pointed out that I generally use keyword args.  )

Right. So, I can certainly call the MySuperClass.__init__() with a long list of kwargs, but that gets annoying quickly when the superclass is also under active development and it's call signature frequently changes. 

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