[Tutor] Calling super classs __init__?

tiger12506 keridee at jayco.net
Sat Mar 22 17:44:18 CET 2008

So super(A, c) refers to the baseclass object?

I don't like this. It partially suggests that A is a superclass of B.
I guess I have to be sure to notice the second parameter which tells of 
which instance I'm finding the superclass.

fyi I totally didn't notice the first parameter of super... was it there in 
previous versions of python?

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class A(object):
    v=lambda self: "A"
class B(object):
    v=lambda self: "B"
class C(B,A):
    v=lambda self: "C"

print C.__mro__

print c.v()
print super(C, c).v()
print super(B, c).v()

(<class '__main__.C'>, <class '__main__.B'>, <class '__main__.A'>, <type 

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