[Tutor] Python Grammer

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Sun Mar 23 13:05:13 CET 2008

Eric Walker wrote:
> Ok, I found the responses, sorry.. 
> I have been reading the book "Text Processing in PYTHON" by David Mertz.
> I have some text that I have to parse. I want to use grammers.

It's grammAr. A grammar is a formal description of the structure of a 
language. It is not a parser; rather it is a specification of what the 
parser needs to do.

Perhaps if you describe your actual problem and say why you want to use 
a grammar we can be of more help, either pointing you to a parsing 
solution or helping to solve the problem without a formal parser. (Most 
Python text processing problems can be solved with simple string 
processing or regular expressions.)


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