[Tutor] what is @classmethod and @staticmethod ??

Tony Cappellini cappy2112 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 00:11:33 CET 2008


Would you show the examples which show where staticmethod &
classmethod are used?

I've often wondered about the usefulness of these myself. Having read
many of the popular books on python, none provide a good clear
of why or where these should be used, and what the alternatives are
(if any). They typically show an extremely terse example of the syntax
with little explanation.

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maser wrote:
> Thanks, Andreas. Why do we need to use classmethod/
> staticmethod and where do we need to use them ?

I use staticmethods as a convenience to put related functions in the
namespace of a class. Perhaps foo.py contains class Foo with
staticmethod bar(). In client code I can say

from foo import Foo

If bar was a module method it would be

from foo import Foo, bar

I prefer the former in cases where bar is related to Foo.


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