[Tutor] I am reading the tutorial alright?

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On Sun, Mar 23, 2008 at 4:24 PM, elis aeris <hunter92383 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Now I want to talk about this: how should I have asked my Q to let
> everyone know what I was looking for?
> looking back to my first post, it seems to be a little weak. Can you
> suggest something that I could have said?

Offhand, how about "What's the Python equivalent of a multi-dimensional

Speaking only for myself, what bugs me about most of your questions so far
is that you don't seem to do any thinking before you hit Send.  For a few of
your questions, it would have taken you less time/effort to do a three-word
Google search than to ask the list; for this one, this list was probably the
right place - but thirty seconds of thought about what you really wanted to
ask would have made the difference.  If you don't know the technical terms(
e.g. "array" versus "list", "dictionary", "tuple"), I for one will not bite
your head off for it - as long as you make a good-faith effort to express

Most of us who read and answer questions are going to spend at least a
couple of minutes, and some thought, on our reply.  If it seems that you
spent less than that on your question, it can be irritating.  Some of us can
be downright cranky, but nobody likes to feel disrespected.  Just take a
minute and think.

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