[Tutor] decimal precision

bob gailer bgailer at alum.rpi.edu
Tue Mar 25 19:53:13 CET 2008

elis aeris wrote:


I echo Dick Moore. Several of us have requested that you study the 
tutorials. We continue to see no evidence that you are doing that, nor 
have you told us you are reading them or why not.

Please respond by telling us you are reading the tutorials or if not why 
not. If you are, help us understand why the tutorials fail to answer 
many of these basic questions.
I will not respond to any more of your posts until I have a sense that 
you are doing your best to learn by yourself.

There are some who intentionally "abuse" forums like this. It is 
starting to look like you are one of those.

Bob Gailer
919-636-4239 Chapel Hill, NC

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